Thursday, September 12, 2013

It's been too long, lol

 At a local festival at the park! Aren't they sweet!
 This is Georgia's first cotton candy ever! She said "Mommy, what is this? It's yummy in my tummy!"
By the way at seven months home her English is amazing! And sadly, she rarely speaks Mandarin any more. She just doesn't want too. :( She has consistently refused to speak to our Chinese friends locally, well she will talk to them in English. And she will sing songs in Mandarin, sometimes, but that is it!
 John-Michael and Abram having fun.

 My boys. I love that they love each other. Brothers. Not that they don't fight plenty ;)
 Waiting for Olivia at physical therapy. She is coming along. She had her cast off about a month ago, and then had a boot for a month, and now is down to a small brace. She just got off the crutches 2 weeks ago. She was thrilled to be done with them.
 Vivian having fun waiting for her blood to be ready.
 Did I mention my boys love each other? LOL
 Calvin's first ribs. He was a fan! He loves food.
 We started back to school the day after Labor Day. So far it is crazy steady busy but good.

 Abram turned 7! He asked for a burger themed party at the park and we obliged. We kept it simple and shared it with family and close friends and had a blast. It was blazing hot though even after 4pm.
 His burger pinata. I couldn't find one anywhere around here, so I found a cupcake one, and me and my trusty glue gun turned it into a burger.

 It kept falling off the hanging ribbon though, lol.

 Here is his cake. I had fun making it. It's been awhile since I've done any cake decorating.
 His birthday dinner.
 His actual birthday was on a Thursday, party not till Saturday, so he had a smaller chocolate cake with cherries for his "real"birthday.
 I took Vivian to Atlanta to the nearest Thalassemia center for a checkup/consultation. It was a long day, but really good. Here is Vivian's reward for being a real trooper all day. You would think she could gain some weight, right? Still not breaking 30 lbs. Tiny but mighty.
 Here she is hanging out while we wait for her appointment.

 They have good games in the waiting room, lol. Free too.
 Waiting for the train back to the airport.

 Our view headed home.
 She was an excellent traveler. She has such a good attitude.

 We have a picture of Georgia from her 3rd birthday in China, when we sent her cake and presents with her doing this pose. She remembers it, and knows that we sent that to her while she was waiting to come home. She will often do this pose for me, and say like when I was in China?

 Michael had a work event on the west coast, for a night. We had this beautiful room and had a great time.

 Here is a slightly blurry picture of my sweetheart at dinner.
 This was the view walking back to our room.
 This was the beach just outside our room!
 This is a picture of my sweetheart looking and looking for his wedding ring we lost that day in the ocean. Never found it. Still makes me sad :(
 Here we are right after we gave up trying to find the ring. Trying to make the best of it. Michael still looks ummm not happy.

 You know we love the beach and tidal pools here at home.
 This day the water was so calm and clear!

 Here is Olivia and my niece. Olivia has her brace off so she can swim, but she can't walk at this point and weight bear at all on that leg. So they are hopping along , and then this happened!

 Mmmm, boba tea.

Lunch at the beach!
 Sweet Calvin so tired fell asleep eating his bagel.

My gorgeous oldest son. I can't believe how grown up he is becoming!