Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Fall Festival

We had fun this past week. We spent the day before halloween having a great evening at our church's fall festival. We trunk or treated, and had lots of cotton candy, snow cones, kettle corn. The kids went on hay rides. And I thought how far Calvin especially has come the past 8 months. When we first brought him home, he was terrified of even a leaf. I mean shaking, crying, if a leaf even got close to him. He couldn't let me out of his sight. And here he was happily climbing into the back of the trailer full of hay, waving at me as the drove around the field. The kids were all happy with the candy of course, but Georgia and Calvin were especially thrilled. It's so sweet to experience all these firsts with them.
Abram as Spider Monkey

John-Michael as Men in Black

Calvin as my little Minion

Vivian as the Little Mermaid

Gideon and Olivia as the Lorax, and a Trufula Tree

Hamilton as a Pirate

Georgia as Minnie Mouse

My whole crew

And speaking of firsts, it had occurred to me that this would be Georgia and Calvin's first Christmas. And that they would be older, and it would be so amazing to see it all through their eyes for the first time. BUT, the other day we went to the mall, and we don't go very often at all. And it never occured to me that there would already be Christmas decorations up. We walked into the the entrance of a store, headed to the potties, lol, and there were all these trees for sale. And sweet Georgia, bless her, was AMAZED. I managed to grab my phone out of my pocket and take this picture of her, seeing a Christmas tree for the first time. When I told her we would have one here at home, in our house, she literally gasped and put her hand over her little mouth. I thought I'd fall apart right there in the store. Oh how good God is, how blessed am I! So looking forward to the holidays.
Georgia's first glimpse of a Christmas tree.