China Adoption

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why China?

China's SN (special need, or waiting child) adoption program is predictable, reliable, and established. Only one parent is required to travel for a two-week trip to China to adopt the child.

2) Who qualifies to adopt from China?

Healthy single women or married couples over the age of 30 with at least 5 years of marriage.
Income requirement: $10,000 per family member, including the child you are adopting. (Waivers are sometimes granted.)
Net Worth: $80,000--This is a total of your home, vehicles, retirement, savings/checking accounts, home furnishings, jewelry, etc.
BMI: under 40
No limit to children currently in the home.
Approved Home Study (Personal note: The Home Study was not nearly as painful or stressful as I expected, lol!)

3) Where can I research China Adoption?

Aside from talking to BTDT (been there, done that) parents, I recommend the following websites:  Click on "forum" on the right, join (it's free!) and start reading! I frequent the Special Needs room, but you can find information on ALL things regarding China adoption there. Read families' stories or blogs, research various special needs, get help on your paperwork and receive support for every step of the journey to China adoption on chinaadopttallk.  New to China adoption? Have no clue how or where to begin? Already in the process but need help filling out forms or understanding what comes next?  A place to learn about different special needs, read actual family experiences, and find resources related to them. Want to view some of the faces of children currently available for adoption? Consider joining rainbow kids (free again!). You can set up a profile to view the children that meet your criteria. Often these children are waiting on agency specific lists (meaning you might have to use a specific agency) so rainbow kids is most useful for families not yet committed to an agency yet.

4) How expensive is China adoption?

An adoption from China averages between $25,000 and $35,000, depending on the adoption agency and the travel costs. This is for everything from Home Study to in-China expenses.


 I can't state it enough---God is able to do what might seem impossible! There are grants and low-interest adoption loans available along with tax breaks. Many families fundraise for the remaining amount. Some employers offer adoption reimbursement, so check with your employer!

Remember, you do not have to have all of the money up front---usually, just the Home Study fees (around $2,000) and the initial agency fees (varies from agency to agency) are due at the beginning.
Once the Home Study is complete, you can apply for grants or loans.

Do not underestimate what family, friends, and church members will offer by means of support!

When asked how much our "adoptions cost", we say, "less than the average family spends on a vehicle". The vehicle loses value children are PRICELESS!

5) What agencies do we recommend?

I can only speak from our personal experiences. We have used the following placing agency and home study agency, and can highly recommend them both.

SMALL WORLD ADOPTION   ( ) this is our placeing agency for both adoptions. They have been amazing for our family in many ways. We highly recommend speaking with "Josh" for more information.

EMBRACED BY GRACE   ( ) they have been our home study agency  for the second adoption and have been great to work with they made the process very easy and low stress.

6) How long does a China adoption take?

The average China's SN (special need, or waiting child) adoption program takes about ONE YEAR. Our first adoption was completed in 12 months, our second we hope to be about  just 9 months.

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