Monday, May 27, 2013

Birthdays and dedications

Calvin turned 3 a few weeks ago.  He seemed to have no idea what we were talking about all day bless his heart. We went to our local fountains which is right by the river and so beautiful. It was a school day, and one of the benefits of being homeschoolers is that we had the place to ourselves. We stopped and picked up subs on the way, Pete's Meats style for the locals who remember what that is :) It was delicious, and tasted just like I remember growing up. Calvin seemed to agree,lol.  He just loves to eat. We had a great time at the fountains. It was the first time for Calvin and Georgia, but they surprise me all the time with their adventurous spirits. They had fun. Then home for naps. I cooked some pretty authentic beef chow fun. Not a drop left. When we put Calvin's cake in front of him, he lit up. I wonder if he's ever had one? We sang and we showed him how to blow out the candles and he did it! He didn't understand how to unwrap the present at all :( We had to start to tear the paper, and encourage him, but once he got it unwrapped he was so happy with his ball and his construction vehicles. So sweet. 

 Two days later, our church had child dedications. They usually have them on Mother's day. We were so happy to be able to dedicate these precious children to the Lord. To promise to raise them to know Him, and love Him. It was a day I had actually imagined many times, while waiting to bring them home. It was a beautiful day.


Last week Miss Georgia had her birthday. I can't believe she is already 4. She is so smart, and sassy. She is doing exceptionally well adjusting and attaching. It makes me sad that we missed so much of her life. It is already hard to remember life without her here, but the truth is, 3.5 years of her life were without us. And that is a lot :(  Things like this are hard to make sense of, so I just put this at His feet, and move on. It is what it is, and I trust His plan.
She completely understood what a birthday is, and that she was turning 4! She was queen for the day. We went back to the fountains, and ran into friends there who kindly shared their pizza with us. We went at 10 am so we had planned to get lunch afterwards. So we stopped for ice cream on the way home. It was hot that day, like 90! Then over to swim with cousins, and home for dinner and cake. We had chili dogs, lol. She was kinda picky in China and didn't eat a lot. But since coming home, she has really come a long way, and is a great eater. She came to us with a huge stuffed Minnie Mouse, and she loves to watch Mickey and friends, so I made her a Minnie beach cake. She was so adorably excited. She knew exactly what to do to blow out the candles, and to open her gifts.

We are still busy. Finishing up school stuff, and lots of dr. appts. This week I have a different Dr. appt. for a different child each day of this week! This should start slowing down soon though. Vivian of course is a routine thing with her transfusions/lab work. Calvin and Georgia with spina bifida have and are seeing a whole slew of different specialties. Our local children's hospital actually has a spina bifida clinic, and when we have appointments there typically twice a year, we will see all those Dr.'s in one day. However, we couldn't get a space in the clinic until August, so we've been slowly seeing all the individual Dr.'s one at time to get a baseline of where they are at. So far they are both doing so very well. Especially, Georgia. Her  spine is complicated, and fairly high up defect which would usually mean more severe impact, but you would never know it. I know several families really considered her while she waited almost a year on the shared list, but backed away because of her unknowns with her spine. We just knew she was ours, and took a huge leap of faith. Adoption is such a leap of faith, and I'm so thankful for God's grace all along the way.

The crew and I at the zoo last week.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

This and that, and may the force be with you.

Things are finding a routine around here, even if it is somewhat chaotic, and busy. It's happy though. I continue to be amazed how well everyone has adjusted though. It's still a process, but we've been home 3 months and that really seems to be a milestone.

Gideon has had some yucky head cold this past week. He seems better but he is still breathing like Darth Vader.

Speaking of Star Wars, lol, yesterday was Vivian's transfusion day, and her hospital is really great. It's a children's hospital. They really work to make it not so scary, boring, etc... for the kids. They are forever having something interesting. Yesterday, we met these guys.... it was cool! Especially R2D2! He talked (beeped) and his head rotated etc...

She also got to paint, and honestly, I think she enjoyed that more than meeting the Star War's guys, lol, although her brother's wouldn't agree.

Here are Olivia and Vivian playing some Kinects Sports to pass time while she was receiving her blood.

It also happened to be International Thalassemia day yesterday. I'm still awed at our girl's strength. She just deals with it, and moves on. She's had 3 lab draw's, and 1 iv in the last 3 days. Not a tear shed. She spent the 4 hours getting her transfusion yesterday, slept the drive home, and barely made it to her beloved Awana cubbies class last night. All smiles. So blessed to have her in our lives.