Saturday, August 18, 2012

Summer flies

I can't believe it is almost time for school to start again. This summer has flown by. I always think I will accomplish lots of extra projects during the summer, lol. Ummm, but that has not exactly turned out how I planned :)
We have however, had a great summer. Lots of beach time, and lately, we've been blessed with that elusive green flag. You know the flag at the lifeguard tower. It seems like it is almost always yellow. The waves are a bit rough, or there is undertow, or jellyfish, or a dropoff or or or....
So it is pretty unusual to find the green all clear flag. I think it has been though the last three times we have gone! Yesterday was about as perfect as it gets, not too crowded, very small swells, no undertow, the water was so clear and beautiful. It was a bit cold, the water that is. 73 said the lifeguard board. Seeing as how it's been in the 90's, we didn't mind much. Even Abram, my little guy was able to play without fear. I wish I had pictures from yesterday, but I was too busy playing. I do have some from other trips this summer that I will post. We are so blessed to live less than ten minutes to our favorite beach!
School is looming around the corner though, so I'm working on wrapping up last year's portfolios and thinking about what we need to start school this year. Abram will officially be in school this year, even though we did what I like to call Kindy light last year. His birthday is in less than two weeks so he has that late birthday that makes it hard to decide if he should be in this grade or that one..... nice benefit of homeschooling is that I don't have to decide. Hoping to stretch these last few weeks of summer out.

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