Sunday, February 3, 2013

Day 2 in Guangzhou

Last night, after the kids naps they played for a bit, and then we went in search of dinner, since we only had a light lunch in the room, everyone was pretty hungry. We arent' familiar with the area around this hotel, but I had a little map and we headed out. One wrong turn, and we had to backtrack a bit, but then I found the restaurant I was looking for.... then we went in and they told us they didn't have a picture menu. We can't read most menus, so we need pictures, so places have English and Chinese labels. Ended up finding a Vietnamese place with pictures, and English, which is good because the picture of the green beans looked good, until I read they were sauteed with duck liver. Yeah, we eat alot of stuff, but not liver, of any kind. We had a grilled pork bun, with rice noodles. Very good. Stirfried mixed veggies, and lemongrass chicken. All good. The meat here though is rarely boneless, so you have to be careful eating it, and spit out the little pieces of bone. We Americans are so spoiled, lol.  Came back the kids were tired, bath and bed for them. They both sleep excellently, which is such a gift,because many newly adopted kids don't, and sleep is my kryptonite, so it's a total answer to prayer.  We stayed up, reading and waiting for the kids at home to wake up to skype them. When I almost couldn't keep my eyes open they finally got online, lol. Talked for a little bit and then to bed. 

Today, we had a little bit longer sleep, and then headed to down to breakfast. We sat outside by the fish pond full of huge, beautiful koi fish, and waterfall. We didn't have time to take nice pictures but we will have to go out and take some nice pictures of the hotel later. Finished up breakfast  and met our group in the lobby at 10am. The schedule was to take the group shopping at a local shopping pedestrian street near the hotel we stayed out last time we were here. We loved that area, and it is familiar to us. We knew that we could walk to Shamian Island from there and that is where we could go to church. So we went with the group to the shopping area, and then we headed off by ourselves, with instructions from our guide to be back at 1:30pm. We walked through the shopping area, to the pet market. I didn't take pictures of the pet market. They have everything you can imagine, cages, of hamsters, guinea pigs, kittens, puppies, fish, turtles and on and on..... then after that you walk through the spice market. Smells interesting, lol, and bags and bags of all kinds of stuff. Dried seahorses, and unmentionable animal parts, and herbs, and flowers, scorpions etc..... then finally to Shamian island. Shamian Island was where the western ships were allowed to dock and trade way back when, and so the island which is small, like 4-5 blocks across? Has western architecture, and reminds me very much of Savannah. It is quiet, comparatively and easier to not get run over, lol. It used to be where all the adoptive families stayed, and so many little shops catering to adoptive families, selling chinese clothes, and souvenirs and squeeky shoes etc were there. The American Consulate, and the medical exam clinic used to be there, but they've moved to the newer part of the city now, and not nearly as many families stay there anymore. Anyhoo, the Christ Church is there and we knew they had a Mandarin/English service so that was our destination. We got there just before 11 and picked an end pew, close to the back, in case we needed to make a hasty exit. It was moving to be there. It was packed, and they opened singing with English and Mandaring verses, then the Pastor gave a message, and it was based out of 2nd Corinthians 4:16-18
16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. 18 So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.

The Pastor would speak and then it would be translated. After the sermon, we sang another song, first verse in Mandarin, and it was so moving to hear all these voices singing praises to God, then the next verse in English.  After that they had communion, and again I was moved. There were maybe 4 western couples in the church, the rest Chinese, and they were kind. They gave me a English/Mandarin New Testament to keep. English on the left page, Mandarin on the right.  Feels so blessed to have worshiped here today.  After a potty stop,  we walked back to the shopping area. We only had about 45 minutes till we had to meet the group, so not enough time for a sit down lunch. The area was packed, and I do mean packed. We went to a little store I remembered and bought some undies for Georgia and Vivian. 3 pairs for $1.50. Dora, lol. I will probably regret not buying more. Then were thirsty, so went to the 7-11 and got some water, and a coke, and some juice for the kids. Ended up buying some squid on a stick, chicken and meatballs at a local fast food street vendor. Michael loves the squid. He had it last time too. Kids are napping now, and we will go out exploring later, and try to find some dinner. Laundry gets returned tonight too! Yay ;) 
Getting ready to head out to dinner.

Spice market, the bag with the yellow label in the middle has dried seahorses. Not entirely sure what the other stuff is.

Rooster guy, he's always out on this shopping street. A mainstay :)

Shopping street, BEFORE it gets busy.

more spice market

waiting for church

Outside market.

Food on a stick :) You pick, and they cook it. We had chicken, squid and meatballs.


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  1. I found your blog through the Henan kids site and have thoroughly enjoyed your descriptions of the sights and sounds of China. I am jealous of the snow tubing and my husband is bent on seeking out the food-on-a-stick vendor in Guangzhou. It is obvious that you love everything about China and, as a reader of a great many blogs, not everybody does. Thanks so much for your sharing your journey.