Thursday, May 9, 2013

This and that, and may the force be with you.

Things are finding a routine around here, even if it is somewhat chaotic, and busy. It's happy though. I continue to be amazed how well everyone has adjusted though. It's still a process, but we've been home 3 months and that really seems to be a milestone.

Gideon has had some yucky head cold this past week. He seems better but he is still breathing like Darth Vader.

Speaking of Star Wars, lol, yesterday was Vivian's transfusion day, and her hospital is really great. It's a children's hospital. They really work to make it not so scary, boring, etc... for the kids. They are forever having something interesting. Yesterday, we met these guys.... it was cool! Especially R2D2! He talked (beeped) and his head rotated etc...

She also got to paint, and honestly, I think she enjoyed that more than meeting the Star War's guys, lol, although her brother's wouldn't agree.

Here are Olivia and Vivian playing some Kinects Sports to pass time while she was receiving her blood.

It also happened to be International Thalassemia day yesterday. I'm still awed at our girl's strength. She just deals with it, and moves on. She's had 3 lab draw's, and 1 iv in the last 3 days. Not a tear shed. She spent the 4 hours getting her transfusion yesterday, slept the drive home, and barely made it to her beloved Awana cubbies class last night. All smiles. So blessed to have her in our lives.

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