Monday, June 11, 2012

God told us to do something, and we just did it.

Wow. I love this video Eliana's story
It moves me. It is especially moving to me because it is the same city in China where we adopted Vivian. The same hotel. The same awesome guide. David rocked! The same van we drove around in. The same places. It is burned in my mind. So to see it again is emotional and wonderful. This family is amazing. Not because they are so kind to adopt an orphan, particularly an older child. They are amazing because they seek God, and when they heard him whispering to their hearts, they listened. They obeyed. And it wasn't a small thing God was asking of them. Having another child is a huge thing. Adoption even more huge. Adoption of a teenager, disrupting birth order, humongous. Adding to the fact that it needed to be done in 3 months....well most of us would just say I can't do that. I often wonder how often we ignore what God is asking of us. We pretend that thought in our mind isn't from God, but must just be some crazy idea of our own. Then we feel justified in ignoring it. Or how often do we just choose to say no. That is too hard. That isn't part of my plan. We give in to the what ifs. We are so afraid of giving up our illusion of control. We think we know exactly what we want  out of life. We act like this life is the main show, but in reality it is just a little bit of time for us to serve God, before an eternity in glory. When we say life is short, it is, but it isn't our only chance for pleasure, or fun. It's the opposite, it's our chance to serve God, to be his hands and feet, before we get to heaven, and that's where our reward is.  I love how the Dad shares at the end of the video. About how God uses moments, sometimes hard things, to change us, to make us what He wants us to be. And how often we want to skip those moments. How very much we all miss when we do that. I mean, when you really think about it, don't you want to be where God wants you?  That nothing we could ever plan, dream, hope for, will ever be as good as God's plan for our lives. Even if it doesn't look like what we think it should. Oh to have His eyes for a second. That we could truly see. I pray that I will have the wisdom to hear Him, and the courage to obey.

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