Monday, June 18, 2012

My little man is 8!

I can't believe that my sweet little man Hamilton is eight! His birthday was last Saturday, the day after the last day of VBS. Whew, we had a great but long week. Hamilton is busy, and a little quirky, and loves to climb. Anything. He is forever at the top of some tree giving me grey hair that I then have to deal with. He's been asking to try rock climbing forever it seems, and so for his birthday that what we did :) The littlest kids stayed with Grandmama and the four oldest, plus the parental units headed to the nearest rock climbing place. Which happens to be about an hour away. Which is a shame, since we all loved it. I thought he might hesitate at first, just till he got used to it, but he jumped in, never looked back and climbed to the top first thing. We spent about 3 hrs climbing, then our arms aching and tired, hands sore, so we headed to find some lunch. We found a matinee of the new Madagascar 3 movie. I highly recommend it, those penguins are funny! Then, Hamilton wanted to know if we could go climb some more, and since the passes were good for the day, we said, sure! We climbed for another 2 hours till they closed. We were so tired. Yesterday, I was sore, but today my arms are so so so sore! It's a shame it's so far, it's not practical to join as members to make it more affordable. They have a gym as well, so if it were closer to home, Michael could go there for his workouts but, it will have to be a once a while treat. No doubt that Hamilton had a great birthday and I am so glad. He is such a special guy.

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