Saturday, September 29, 2012

Emotional wreck.

I am an emotional wreck these days. Having given birth 5 times, I remember what it feels like towards the end of pregnancy. When you think you can't get any bigger (you can), and you cry over everything, and you just want to meet that little person. Believe it or not, adoption has many of the same emotions and feelings. Waiting, lack of control, impatience to meet that little face. I'm feeling like I'm about 7 months along with twins about now. I cry over all sorts of things. I am so anxious for Georgia and Calvin to be home. I want to know them. Learn their personalities, and see them grow into our family. See them happy. See all my children in one room! However, adoption is different because I don't know what is happening with them. I don't know how they are doing. If they have someone who is loving on them. If they have enough to eat. If they are warm. If they cry does someone rock them and comfort them? It is a hard place for a Mama, this not knowing. And it reminded me of this video. I’ve seen this video several times and every time it levels me. I think about how we will do whatever it takes to get to Georgia and Calvin. But then, then I think about all the other children who don't have someone desperate to get to them. And how precious they are to our Father. It renews my resolve to advocate for the orphan. If every Christian were gripped with this truth – that we are the hands and feet of Christ and that we have a responsibility to the weak, the hungry, the orphaned children of God upon this earth. . . I daresay there would be fewer starving little bellies, fewer babies dying of preventable diseases, fewer children growing up alone and abandoned. If we, (the Church) you know, you and me, owned this message as our OWN rather than waiting for someone else to act, what would that look like? Maybe we’d see more of God’s people adopting, visiting orphans, supporting ministries that feed and care for these little ones, spending time on our knees asking God what more HE wants us to do. Indifference is SIN. We should be taking this personally.

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