Thursday, September 20, 2012

Life lately.

I haven't had time to write anything profound this week :) It has been pretty steady busy. We are in the full swing of school again. For being homeschoolers, I sure wish we could stay home a little more. Last Thursday we had Vivian's transfusion. Ironic that the day after I post about thalassemia, we have issues. We started out well, but then had some confusion with the new staff about Vivian's labs, and then the blood bank made a big mistake and didn't deliver her direct donor unit to the hospital to be readied for her until after 1pm. Which means it wouldn't be ready until after 3pm.  And since it takes at least 3 hours to give her the blood, it meant there wasn't enough time for before the office closed to start the transfusion. She usually gets her transfusions in the doctor's office across from the hospital. They tried to arrange for us to go over to the hospital as an outpatient, but the hospital was packed and didn't have any available outpatient beds. So we ended up having to spend the night and do the transfusion the next morning! I almost always take extra clothes and things in case something should happen, but this time, I had overslept and didn't take all that stuff with us. John-Michael had gone with us, and so we made our way down to Target, where we found a few things on the clearance rack. I got a shirt for $2.50! Then, we headed over to the Ronald McDonald house for the night. We have stayed here a few times over the years with our children, and they are so kind and helpful. A nice family had come in and cooked dinner for all the families staying there. We had a great salad, and lasagna! We went up to the game room, where John-Michael decided that having to stay over wasn't so bad. Thankfully, everything went smoothly the next morning and we headed home just after lunchtime.

Here we are in our beautiful room at the Ronald McDonald house.

The awesome game room. We had several great games of air hockey :)

John-Michael carrying Vivian back the next morning to the Doctor's office. She was feeling pretty tired and weak.

Finally, we have the blood running!

This weekend a church friend blessed us by giving us a bunk bed frame. We needed a second set for the boy's room so we were so happy to receive them! This prompted a deep cleaning of the boys room, which is how most of Saturday was spent. Late that afternoon, we went a local festival at the park. It was sponsored by a local church and we had a wonderful time. They had free slushies, and fried dough! The kids loved it.

Gideon with a little leftover powdered sugar from his fried dough.

Abram is such a little ham! He may have had too much sugar, lol.
We spent some time earlier this week at the bookstore. Always a favorite. Vivan pulled these out of her purse!

Olivia won this t-shirt at bingo with the cows the other day. It was great fun, and Gideon just loves that cow.
 It's been rainy a lot lately. This is the sky yesterday afternoon. It looked ominous, but wasn't bad at all.
V ivian and Gideon started Cubbies at Awana this year, and they are really loving it. They are getting so big!

 Today Vivian had another Dr. appointment near the zoo, so first we all went to the appointment. This is Abram on his play phone while we wait. Never a dull moment :)
 Hamilton at the zoo this afternoon. We really didn't get any pictures of the animals. It was drizzly so I didn't want to take my camera out much. It was a great afternoon though. Not crowded, not too hot, and we saw a lot of the animals.
So that's a little of what we've been up to around here.

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