Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Lots of pictures

I know its been forever since I posted. We've been in survival mode around here. I still plan to write about our last day in China and our trip home. I think I can now without crying. It wasn't fun. We made it through. That's about it. The first few weeks home are HARD. At least for me, and for them too. I intend to write about my thoughts and feelings with that too. But for right now, just know that things are going well, really well. We are all being knit together and we are finding our new normal and it is good. Feeling very blessed these days. So thankful for a God who never leaves us, even in the valleys. For family who loves us all the time. For friends who stand in the gap, and bless us. So here are a bunch of pictures, hopefully they will hold you over till I can get back into the regular routine of blogging! Most of these pictures are from the last week or so, because honestly before that, it would have been a lot of pictures of us in our pajamas, trying to get over jet lag, and lots of crying fits, and not just of me, lol.Check out Georgia laughing at the end.
Georgia thinking about trying it.

Divas taking a break for lip gloss.
The weather here yesterday. Florida has it's benefits.
Cuteness Overload
Are you looking at me?
Always stylish.
Not sure why my boys want to be bucketheads :)
More than we hoped for. God is so good. My new sporty ride. Now we all fit in one vehicle. And you can't miss us, lol.
Happy hour, our style, lol. They've figured out that milkshakes might be cold, but who cares, they are delicious!
Olivia's teenage angst look.
Thankfully, this what we see most of the time :)
More Blooming!
Isn't this so sweet? He is such a good big brother!
Ouch, elbow meets the driveway.
All my little ones!
His drama slays me.
Love Calvin's face. Bless his heart.
Who's idea was this anyway? Oh yeah, Mom's.
My thinker.

                                                             I am so BLESSED!


  1. Yes, indeed it looks like everyone is getting along very well. Lucky you the weather has been so cold here in Georgia. So unusaul for us!

  2. LOVE all the pictures! Your family is just adorable.