Sunday, June 23, 2013

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Lets see.... what have we been up to lately.... we've been to the beach quite a bit. It's been beautiful weather here for a while now. The kids love it, and Georgia and Calvin are still a bit cautious (that's a good thing). We've spent some time at the inlet, which is where the river joins with the ocean, and there is a lovely tidal pool there. Still lots of sand to play with, and swimming, but not the constant waves, and worry of the undertow, and riptides. The other day we were there, and while I was out swimming a whole school of little bait fish came through. They were tiny but were jumping and it was out of nowhere. I could feel them hitting my skin, and I Freaked.Right.Out! LOL I started for shore, all the while yelling somethings touching me! I'm pretty sure it was an entertaining show for the other people around. I know my kids enjoyed it. Later that day, Olivia was swimming,saw something dark, and thought it was seaweed, but then she realized it was a manatee! There ended up being a couple of them. We also caught quite a few hermit crabs, but released them all ;) Last week was Vacation Bible School at our church. I wasn't sure if Calvin and Georgia were ready or not....they do go to class together on my Bible study morning, but I just didn't know. I was prepared to stay with them, if they needed me. They amazed me though. Gideon and Calvin went together into the 3's class. No problem, and Georgia went with Vivian. She was proud that she was Da (Big). They had such a good time. I ended up helping in the crafts room, and was able to see them when they came in for their craft times. They were happy to see me, but happy to leave with their class and go to the next part too. My boys all had a great time in the older classes, and Olivia was a helper for the first time this year! She did a wonderful job. I finally got my hemoglobin level up enough again to give blood for my little sweetheart. She'll be getting transfused tomorrow. It took iron pills, steak, drinking kale juice, and lots of prayer, but it worked! Georgia and Calvin had their urology testing last week. Ultrasounds, and post void testing, and Calvin also had to have a test where they placed a urine catheter and then inject dye and takes lots of xrays. He was so brave. It ended up being a super long day, with no naps. Olivia and my niece went with me, to help with all four little ones. They were rockstars! As soon as we got everyone back in the van, the four little kids passed out and slept the 1.5hr drive home. We ended up having to go straight to VBS, no time to even stop and let the dogs out! All that was worth it because all the tests came back normal. That is huge with two children with spina bifida! Georgia is already potty trained, but Calvin isn't. The Dr. said we can go ahead as he is ready! Such a blessing. We are prepared to deal with whatever comes, but for their sakes, I'm so thankful everything in that department is working well. Sunday was a big day, as it was not only Father's day, but also Hamilton's 9th birthday! He is such a sweet soul. Kind, and sharing. Quiet, but thoughtful. I took the children all to the park last week to take a picture for Michael. They did well considering trying to get 8 children to pose for a picture, and and hold signs is nigh unto impossible. We were going to play at the park, and we gave it a good try, but it was so so hot. It was over 90 and humid and just miserable. We gave up and headed for home. Sunday, was church, and we had ovenfried chicken wings and celery and blue cheese for lunch. Michael's choice. We had nacho pizza, and double decker giant cookie cake for dessert for Hamilton's choice. He went shopping with Daddy for his present. A soccer ball and art supplies. Then home to play soccer, and then late night swimming. It was a very good day.
Calvin was on a mission, lol.
Gideon loves the water
Gorgeous girl.
Abram is so full of life. All the time :)

A treat after her transfusion!
Getting Mommy's blood, we were both excited, sorry it's blurry.
First night of VBS
Could she be any more beautiful?

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  1. I always love your updates! It sounds like everyone is doing well! I'm always amazed at all you do with so many little ones! You are a rock star momma for sure!