Friday, July 19, 2013

summer time

Going to just let some pictures tell our last few weeks.

John-Michael turned 11! I just can't believe it. And yet he is quickly turning into a young man. He is almost as tall as I am, and changing every day. He wanted to go skating on his birthday. And so we did.

Hamilton trying to stay upright at first. He did great though.

John-Michael and Abram wayyyyy at the end. I spent a lot of my childhood in this same rink.

There goes Olivia and Abram.

This is Olivia about an hour later. Yep, she fell. Not even skating, but while in line to do the limbo, lol. She got her skates tangled up and fell over. I helped her off the floor, as she couldn't put weight on it. Her ankle was swelling and I thought she must have sprained it. She is really tough with pain. And she was crying and saying it really hurt. So I told the birthday boy and everyone, we had to go. They helped me get her to the door, and I pulled the van up.

We went to the local walk in clinic because it was after hours. They x-rayed it, and put it in a temporary cast, after telling me they thought it might be fractured!

Daddy came through and took John-Michael to get his choice of takeout, since it was too late now in the day for me to cook the birthday dinner. He choose sushi and chicken wings. Yum!

And cheesecake for dessert, double yum!

The next day I took Olivia to see an orthopedist. They said it was an obvious and significant fracture, and sent us for a CAT scan of her leg right then and there!

She got blisters after just one day of the temporary cast. I guess it was rubbing. Notice the bruising. :( Turns out that she broke her leg. The tibia bone, several cracks through the growth plate, and then up through the middle and out the side. They felt it was borderline for needing surgery. So they put her in a full leg cast to totally immobilize it, and hopefully avoid surgery, and screws and pins.

Here we are at the store. Can you tell how high that cast goes up her thigh? It's huge.

In happier news, I found these two watching a movie in my bed like this :) It's a tough life.

This is what happens when you have a family of Trekkies. She can say, "Live Long and Prosper".

Aren't they sweet?

We really don't all fit at our dining table anymore, and certainly not if we have friends over.  It's not in the budget to buy a new one. So my Sweetheart built this for me! Isn't it beautiful? We plan to distress it and paint it with milk paint. At first, I was thinking a green, but now I'm thinking red. We'll see. I'm not the best at picking colors.

Vivian brought two brothers this last time, and they had the best time together.

Mary Poppins came by, and brought cupcakes!

Now stained to peek through after we distress the milk paint.

Cow day! We all dressed up as cows, and enjoyed free lunch at Chick-Fil-A

And that's whats going on around here lately.  :)

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