Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Princess is 5!

My fashionista

With her Beads of Courage

She and I had a little date this week at Five Guys. She said we should all live here, lol.

Fun at a family party

So beautiful!

At her Grandma's birthday tea.

She has been counting it down for weeks! Five is sooo much more grown up, you know? She asked me last night if she'd still have to listen to me when she turned five? ummm yes love, for a very long time, lol. She asked if she'd have to start loading the dishwasher as a chore. Then, before I could answer her, she said "We'll have to think about that." She asked me what we bought for her present, and I asked her what she wanted for a present. She grinned and said, "how bout a phone? LOL.

Vivian is a gift pure and simple. It hasn't been easy every step, and it probably never will be, but oh she is a gift. She blesses us all and I couldn't love her more. Not possible.

We'll party it up today. Off to have a little Just Dance marathon with her now :)

And while today is full of joy, in my heart and mind, I can't help but wonder about her first family, somewhere half way around the world today. What are they doing? Are they thinking about her? Is this day heartbreaking for them? I wish I could tell them she is safe, and healthy, and so strong and beautiful. That we love her with our whole hearts.  I pray that God gives them peace, and that somehow they know.

A child born to another woman calls me mommy. The magnitude of that tragedy and the depth of that privilege are not lost on me. Jody Landers

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