Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter. It is really the most wonderful holiday. Christmas is my favorite with the decorations, and music and family traditions, but Easter is so special. Jesus was born and we celebrate the gift that his birth was to us at Christmas, but Easter, Easter is when we remember he willingly suffered and died a brutal undeserved death for us. He took our blame. But! he didn't stay in that tomb, he rose again, and he LIVES! I know it in my very soul. And because of that, we can be adopted into God's family, and live with him forever, forgiven. New life. It's about Jesus, not the bunny ;) 

So the past couple of weeks, we've had a lot of sickness. First, a miserable cold/bronchitis type thing. The coughing was awful! Then this past week, we started down the strep throat road. In our family, it's like dominoes. And we ended up with 8 out of 10 of us on antibiotics. Olivia ended up with an allergic reaction to hers, and had a rash head to toe. It was pretty awful looking, but thankfully, it didn't itch.  We were all able to enjoy our Easter weekend though. We started off on Thursday night at our good friend's church celebrating Seder dinner for passover. It's really beautiful way to start the Easter celebrations. Saturday morning we had a egg hunt/bbq with all the Sunday school classes at the park. The early morning was rainy, but the weather cleared, and it was perfect! Saturday night week went to my parents, and my brother's family. We had appetizers for dinner. Yum! and hunted eggs. This morning was church. Beautiful worship, and not a traditional sermon but and excellent word from our pastor. We chose this year to participate in Forget the Frock . Growing up in the south, new dresses, purses, hairbows, ties, etc were something we often do for Easter. Dressing up is fun, but when we watched the video, it made sense. What were we really doing and was it truly honoring the one who gave everything for us? So this year, it was different. It felt a little weird walking in a t-shirt, but it was kinda exciting too, and when people asked, we were able to share a little so that was good. It also sparked some good conversation here at home with our own children, and they were totally on board. Then we spent the afternoon at Michael's moms. Delicious lunch and Easter baskets. We had a low key evening tonight, just playing with new little toys, and snacking on leftovers.

Passover Seder

I forgot! Abram lost his front tooth!

A picture of Olivia's arm. She was spotted like this all over. Even her ears and feet!

Having our picnic at our Sunday school picnic

Olivia and one of her best friends.

Waiting for the Easter story and to hunt eggs!

Vivian found lots this year

Georgia too

Hunting eggs at Grandmama's on Saturday

Calvin discovered there were prizes in the eggs

Beautiful daughter and niece

our crew + 2 cousins :)

Our bunch in our forget the frock shirts today.

Hamilton working his puzzle.

She has style, lol.


  1. Sorry you guys have been sick! It has been going around. We had the stomach bug for over two weeks in our house! Ugh!

  2. happy Easter