Thursday, April 10, 2014


I'm not even sure where to pick up, so I'll just share some pictures. Pictures are always good, yes? We are good, just crazy busy. We've have doctor appointments, and tests, and school work, and fun. We've had the flu, yuck, and the last 1.5 weeks some sort of super cold. The weather is gorgeous, and I'm dying to take the kids to the beach. As soon as everyone is well again. The kids are all growing leaps and bounds. I'm so thankful to be their mama. I will (really!) try to update more often now. I just need to sit down(not as easy as it sounds lol) and write a little about what's up in our life. Share some of the deeper thoughts that are always rolling around the in my mind. 

This is at the hospital last week, waiting for Vivian's blood to be ready. Olaf did the hula, but you can't tell here.

painting fun. They really love doing this so much.

I didn't ask her to even pose. I just called her name. Princess :)

Awesome playroom at the hospital.

The beautiful inside and out, Olivia.

Georgia and Calvin helping pick plants at the nursery.

Our good friend XiaoPeng, was a student here. He finished his studies and returned home to China. We miss him. He and Calvin share their birthcity.

Homeschool Field day. Just a small portion of our local homeshoolers. We had a great day.

Georgia embraces the mud. This was after I told her NOT to get dirty, lol.

Vivian before her recent procedure.

And after :(
Don't worry, she perked up quickly.

Gideon rocking the overalls. These used to be John-Michael's! Time goes so fast!

Calvin waiting at Spina Bifida clinic. He is doing so so well.

Abram at church the other day. He dressed himself. He is a quirky, funny, witty kid. I love talking to him.

I noticed the shadow of the van the other morning on the way to the hospital. It reminded me of a monster, lol.

While waiting for our breakfast at the hospital, this was too perfect. Please give blood and regularly. It saves lives!
Chinese New Year. The kids wore their silks to church.

Calvin is happiest with food. Chocolate cupcakes? Out of this world :)

CNY parade. It was a blast!


Hamilton's favorite thing to do.

I love seeing my big boys playing with my little boys. John-Michael is such a good Gege (big brother).

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