Monday, October 22, 2012


We had a great but busy weekend. Olivia had first meeting as Junior Interpreter at our local Environmental Learning Center on Saturday morning. It is a wonderful place to learn about the Florida lagoon systems, and works at teaching all about the animals, fish and plants native to our area. We are blessed to live in a really beautiful area of Florida. Olivia represents our local homeschool association, and I am so proud of her. She helped teach a seining adventure in our local river. I wish I had been there to get pictures of her.

After that, I picked her up, and we went to a local Fall festival. We had a wonderful time. We enjoyed free bbq lunch, and games, and bounce houses. We were able to spend time with some of our oldest friends too! Vivian and Gideon really got into the games when they realized the prizes were candy, lol.

While we were at Fall festival, Michael was home working on our house with some of the teen boys from our church. They were participating in the 30 hours of Famine
They wanted to work on a short service project, and they kindly offered to help Michael here at our home. They did a great job working on the outside of the house, and it was such a gift to us.

Sunday morning was Sunday school and church, and we all thought tacos sounded yummy for lunch. Tacos are a fun, and quick after church lunch. Michael and I love having guacomole with our tacos. Abram was saying he didn't want to try the "green" stuff, lol. He did try it though, and he loved it. The next thing I know, he's exclaiming how he loves that "whack a mole" stuff! Ah hahahaha. It was so cute! I couldn't bring myself to correct him. I'm not sure how he thinks the game he loves connects to avocado dip, but he sure is cute when he says it.

Started out our busy morning with labs for Vivian today. Then realized she was lower than I was expecting. I thought we'd be transfusing her Thursday. That lead to us trying to get everything in order to transfuse tomorrow, so as not to have go on Wednesday. Vivian is turning 4 on Wednesday! And she is so excited about it, and about taking cupcakes to her Cubbie class that night. While we try to enjoy our transfusion days, spending the day driving to/from the hospital(2hrs each way) and then getting an IV etc just isn't her idea of birthday fun. Unfortunately, at this point we aren't sure if they can have the unit of blood ready by the morning, so we will see. If we have to go on her birthday then we will just try to make it as fun as possible.

Lastly, we are blessed to be the featured family this week on this awesome blog. The idea is to give a small amount, even 1 dollar, and then to share the link with all your friends. Small amounts that most people would never miss, when multiplied by all our friends can become an amazing gift. If even 200 (most of us have at least 200 friends on facebook, right?) gave $5 it would be a thousand dollars! I see all sorts of crazy and sometimes silly things go viral on facebook, etc..... Please share this link, and lets get this viral, in a great way. It will make a big difference in our lives and for Georgia and Calvin. Thank you!


  1. I saw your family on give1save1. I hopped over here and saw the word TRANSFUSION! Did you adopt a thal kid or is that for something else? We are adopting a little thal boy from China. :) It's always nice to find a common link to other moms.

    1. Hi Katie,
      Yes, Vivian came home from China almost two years ago and has thalassemia. I am on the facebook parents of thal kids group. She has E Beta but tranfuses every 18-21 days. When we first started this process I thought we 'd adopt another thal kiddo and had actually asked for your sweet boy's file but our agency never could find it on the shared list. Then our two two ones found us and we knew that was what God had intended all along. So glad you found our blog. I am happy to help with an thal questions. Congratulations!