Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Waving a quick hello!

Sorry I haven't had something fun or deep to read the last few days. We have had both strep and the flu in the house this past week. Last Wednesday while we were up getting Vivian's transfusion, Michael had to take both Abram and Gideon in to the Dr. Gideon tested positive for strep, Abram was negative. Meanwhile, Olivia who was with me, and started running a high fever on the way home. Thursday morning I took Abram back because he wasn't any better, and took Olivia in too. Olivia was positive for both strep and the flu. Abram was negative for both, but given his symptoms was treated for strep, and too late to treat for the flu, although we think he had both as well. Thursday night, John-Michael started the high fever. Unfortunately, we were having tropical storms conditions from Sandy on Friday, so the Dr.'s office was closed, but they called meds in for him. Hamilton although never having had the fever, has the same junky cough that all the flu kids have developed so I think maybe he just had a mild case? Long weekend of Olivia, John-Michael and Abram. Gideon seemed much better immediately on his antibiotic for strep. Sunday, Vivian started the high fever and other flu symptoms. Her hematologist called in meds for her but wanted her seen first thing Monday. So yesterday, Olivia and John-Michael, and Abram much better. I take Vivian in, and Gideon is not running a fever, but coughing, starting the congestion, and just has that look, so the check him too, and yep, both the little kids are positive for flu. Poor little baby bear has had both strep and the flu in less than a week! Please pray that we are done for winter sickies already, that they feel better soon! They are so worried they will miss Fall Festival at our church and that Michael and I won't get anything!

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