Wednesday, November 28, 2012

My baby is 13!

Being a Mom is something I've wanted as long as I could remember. I always knew that I wanted to be a wife and mother more than anything else. Olivia came along after a bit of a wait, and then a long, difficult pregnancy with most of it spent on bedrest. Ending with pre-eclampsia, and an induction a month early. Thirty hours of labor. She was and is worth every.single.second.

People tell you to enjoy them. That it goes so fast. It sounds so cliche, and some days when you are cleaning up the same mess for the fifteenth time it doesn't feel fast, lol. But it is.
There's a scene in Cheaper By the Dozen, one of my favorite movies, where the dad is saying "how can she be so grown up, wasn't she just riding on my shoulders last week" etc... and the Mom says, "and then you blink". So true.... I feel like this was just a year or two ago.

And yet, here we are.... 
and our girl is 13. She is turning into quite a young woman. Beautiful inside and out. She is smart, and kind. Loving. Determined. Loves God. Has inspiring faith. I am so blessed to be her Mama.
We had a busy day on her actual birthday. We had our homeschool co-op, and she wanted to go, and be there with her friends. She and I made cupcakes. Little owls. Although the only picture I found looks a bit like a bat, lol.

We usually eat dinner at church on Wed. nights after co-op and before Awana. Then, she had Awana Trek,and she loves her girl's group. By the we got home it was almost 8pm. So we had a treat of baked cheese sticks, and oreo milkshakes with cupcakes. I had run home during one of the classes and secretly decorated our dining room and she was so surprised!

 Happy Happy Birthday  Olivia!

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