Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Farm 2012

My Daddy was born in North Florida, on the family farm. He and few other family members own it now. He and my Mom like to spend a lot of time up there. It's a little old fashioned town where the nearest Walmart is like 40 minutes away. It is like a little window into the past, and filled with good people. We try to go every fall. The church they attend when they are there, hosts an Old Fashioned Day. It's always the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and we love it. The people of this little church always make us feel so welcome, and they obviously love the Lord. Old Fashioned Day, always has lots of fun. Horseback riding, and crafts. The kids all made butter, and got to try lots of old time machines, for sewing, getting corn off the cob, grinding sugar cane, and making syrup. Lots of old fashioned good food too.

Michael was able to take the 3 days before Thanksgiving for vacation, and we made a vacation of it. Our first one in a long time. We stayed the week with my parents. Just relaxing, visiting, playing all day outside,riding the tractor, and golf cart (the ride a golf cart around the fields) exploring the woods. Feeding turtles etc....It was wonderful.

Some good friends allowed us to borrow their 15 passenger van, so all 8 of us, plus the two dogs, and our stuff could all fit comfortably and it was such a blessing. It's my dream car, lol. Funny how dreams change over the years.

Still, after a week away, it was good to come home. I'm still working to get everything put back away, and really clean before Christmas. Sure hoping to travel shortly after the new year. Whew, that's exciting and scary all in one. God is faithful though, and I'm feeling so so blessed. Here are a few pictures. I still have to download the ones from Michael's camera.

Abram begged me to buy this hat. It didn't happen, lol.

Breakfast outside. It was cold outside, but so good!

Dinner (that's lunch around here, supper in the evening ;) )
With Grandmama and Granddad

Great fun with a stick and a hole in the ground, lol.

Doing the corn.

 Waiting to ride the horses.
Vivian having a fresh made pork rind. She loved them!

Funny boys.

My baby boy is growing up too! So handsome.

Cutie pie.

The kids helped Grandmama pick these greens, and now were getting ready to wash and pick them.

 A few shoes outside the door, lol.

Vivian is a thrill seeker, lol. She loved doing this with Daddy.

We had lots of Uno games. 

Building a huge leaf pile!

This is SO Olivia! Lives life with abandon.

Abram is so funny!

Gideon is just too precious.

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