Friday, August 9, 2013

And updates from the phone.

My phone is like a little mini journal lol. Here are some fun things from lately.

A trip to the city for Dr. appts. means we can visit the Chinatown area and have dim sum!

Georgia approves of this plan.

Beautiful daughter and niece.

A chive dumpling. My favorite. I wish I had one right now.

Sweet big boys playing with the littles while we wait.

Getting the big cast off. She was a little nervous.

And they had to move it around and it hurt. :(

Our new table. Stained, but not yet painted. Look, we have a whole empty side!

First bench

Milk paint going on

painted and distressed.

I love it. The feet aren't done yet in this picture.

Sister love.

What we do while we wait for the IV.

Playing a game.

Vivian is into fashion. She dressed herself this day. We're at the lab waiting for a blood draw. Isn't she adorable.

Gideon has his own sense of fashion too. He wore the bike helmet all day. We're at the free summer movie. Shame to cover up those curls, lol.

boys don't want their picture taken.

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