Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer continues on

 We've been enjoying our summer. Olivia was able to get the giant leg cast taken down to a regular size below the knee one after three weeks. We bought her a DryPro cast cover and it was worth every penny.  She could shower easily. Swim in our pool. And go to the beach.  We've hung out at home a lot. Hamilton and I shared a nasty tummy bug. Thankful no else caught it. It was strange in that it started with stomach pain that got worse and worse and came with fever. I was really concerned that he might have appendicitis and so we spent a late night/early morning in the emergency room having that ruled out. On the bright side, when I came down with the same thing the next week, I knew it was a virus and that I wasn't really dying like I might have imagined ;)

The beach has had several really beautiful, calm days lately. We love a green flag day at the beach! A couple of the days had jellyfish warnings too, but they were little tiny ones. The kids said they weren't a big deal, lol. We did get a few stings, but they just lasted for like 30 seconds and then itched. I'm assuming because they were tiny?  We are starting to get an idea of what we need this year for school, and finishing putting together portfolios for review. The only part of homeschooling I really don't enjoy. Oh well, hopefully we'll be done with it by next week.  We don't start school up till after Labor day, but the local schools go back mid August. The kids are looking forward to that because it gives them a few weeks of the beaches, parks, fountains not very crowded.

Some pictures because that's more fun than my writing.

It is so so calm!

What? Don't get sand on the blanket? Hahaha!

Love to see her run!

Crutches on sand, not so easy. She is such a trooper.

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