Thursday, January 2, 2014

Catching up, back to November 2013

Vivian loves to dance. Especially playing Just Dance. She has discovered Gangnam Style. She cracks me up.

My silly babies

In other big news, my baby, my firstborn turned 14! How is that even possible? It makes me happy and sad all at once. She is such a precious girl. God sure knew what he was doing when he gave her to us first. She is my right hand, and I love that she and I are close. It's really special to raise a child, and not just love her because she is yours, but because you love hanging out with her. 
A birthday present from her good friend. Olivia is a Trekkie, lol.

When she was just a little bit.

On her actual birthday, we went and picked up Pete's Meats subs ( a local thing here), and went to the park to fly kites. Olivia's request.

It was a beautiful day, and perfect for flying kites.

Canoli cake, again a request as Olivia loves cannoli. It was a first for us, but it turned out really yummy.

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