Thursday, January 2, 2014

Mid November 2013

Now she pops her own tubes in the transfer device and shakes them up, lol. She is so brave!

Hanging with brothers having smoothies in the lobby.

Love these chairs

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Hamilton loves doing all sorts of tricks with them, but at least we ARE in a hospital right? lol.

Calvin had a full cardiac workup. You see, he was listed as multiple special needs. His file listed both spina bifida and a heart defect. And I strongly suspect that is why he had waited so long on the list, despite being adorable and young. He was well under two when he was listed, but waited almost a year on the shared list. When I read his file, there was only one paragraph mentioning a heart defect, and and it didn't line up with anything else in his file. It also mentioned him being in a hospital in a completely different province. (I had to look it up). We asked for an update, but never got one. Sometimes, especially when files are translated, they mix them up with other files. I think that paragraph didn't belong in his file, but the unknown had kept him from having a family. I didn't really believe he had a heart defect, but we would have dealt with it if he did.  And after a through workup, his heart is just perfect :) So thankful!

 The girls and I went to see a local Christmas tree/ Gingerbread house show. It was fun, and festive. This is a local church someone recreated.

Gingerbread Florida style.

Sweet girl!

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