Thursday, January 2, 2014

More November2013

I finally got a haircut. Wish it looked this good all the time, lol.

Fun at the park with some great friends. Bonus with homeschooling is the parks aren't too busy during the mornings :)

One of my boys thought it'd be funny to hide this in the pantry ;)

table in process for Thanksgiving.

The best part in my opinion, lol.

This year we were blessed to have some friends join us for Thanksgiving. Our little town happens to have a flight school here. And there are several hundred students, mostly young men, and mostly all international students. We had three friends from China and one from Nigeria. We had the best time. Lots of laughs, good food. Some serious talk about serious issues in each of our home countries. Blessed indeed.

A little Just Dance fun

Calvin fell asleep in XiaoPeng's lap. They are from the same hometown. It is a small world :)

Vivian had her yearly MRI to check her iron overload. I dread it because she has to be sedated. She rocked it though. Her shirt reads a Shakespeare quote, And though she be but little, she is FIERCE. And so she is. Her results were excellent, so we are thrilled with that too.

She had to have nothing to eat since the evening before, and what did she choose when she finally could eat? Crackers, or something bland like soup? Oh no, a spicy shrimp tempura roll.  And she ate almost the entire thing!

Hanging with her Gege. He's such a good big brother.

Stringing beads

No Iv pool is slowing them down.

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