Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Here we gooooooo!

The last few steps since we received our LOA's at the end of November have gone very smoothly and quickly! Praise God! It didn't go as easily with Vivian. It just took longer, and we had delays due to snowstorms where the National Visa Center is located etc.... However this time, our I800, which was the approval for Georgia and Calvin specifically from immigration was quick and easy. The next step was for their cases to be forward to the National Visa Center, processed, and cabled to the American Consulate in Ch*na. We received our LOA's this time on almost the exact same date as with Vivian, but didn't get to the Article 5 dropoff step until the middle of January. We had our cases dropped off for Article 5 this past Tuesday 12/18. Almost a full month faster! This is how I'm feeling......
The past 8+ months have been the build up, the slow, painful, ride up to the crest, and now, now we are zooming down. Flying, and screaming my head off, (well, just screaming on the inside, lol) and both thrilled and panicking at the same time!
Article 5 is the.last.step. before we wait for permission to travel! It is one of the only predicable steps. Pickup is always two weeks after dropoff, so because of the holidays, Christmas and New Years, our pickup is scheduled for 1/3/13! Then we are just waiting for permission from Ch*na to travel to pick up the kids!!!! That has been taking around 2 weeks.... so hopefully we will have permission by mid January. That will be here before I can blink with the holidays and all! I am hoping we will be able to still quickly travel and get there and leave before Ch*nese New Year. When I say quickly, it might be less than a weeks notice from permission till we are on a plane! Feeling blessed, and excited and well, like I'm on the wildest ride ever! I'm thankful to know that God is in control of it though, so I don't have to be scared. I just hang on to him.

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  1. Ahhhh! Oh Joy, This is so exciting!!! Are you packing?!