Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

It's a few days late, but I hope you and your families had a very blessed Christmas season. We have had a wonderful month. Sometimes, I wish that Thanksgiving and Christmas were a little further apart. It seems like it all comes so quick, and goes so fast. Vivian had all her yearly tests this month too, and so it seemed I was driving to the Children's hospital (3 hrs round trip) every time I turned around. She was a trooper though and is doing well. We are just waiting now for our Article 5 to be picked up next week, and then, waiting for travel approval. We pulled out our suitcases this week, so I can start the packing process. It's a major undertaking. I may post about that more later. We've come so far in 8 months. In the beginning, it felt like we were staring at this mountain. This huge mountain, and I just didn't know how we would ever get to the top. But we knew God was asking us to take the first step and just trust him. He has been faithful, and the doors have opened, and the funds have come, a little here and there, as we've needed them. The travel and orphanage fees at the end though are large amounts. We are hoping to be on a plane before the end of January, and so it is getting very close. We still have cookbooks, and t-shirts, and bbq sauce. If you are interested just email us. If you feel led to give to help us bring Georgia and Calvin home, you can give directly through our agency using the link to the right. It's tax deductible, if that helps you. We are so thankful and humbled by every gift. It's hard to ask for, or accept help. We feel though that God has asked us to walk this journey of faith. To depend on him, and trust He will provide. We did receive an extra special gift this year. Late on Christmas Eve, our agency forwarded us an email update for Georgia. We had received one for Calvin just a few days prior.
Aren't they the cutest children you've ever seen! I am so thankful to have new pictures, and that they look so well. I can hardly wait to hug them!!! I'll try to post some Christmas day pictures later today. Wishing you a blessed rest of 2012 and upcoming 2013!


  1. Oh they are beautiful! They just need to be home! I'm so excited how close it is getting! I can't wait to hear more about packing/travel!