Friday, December 28, 2012

Lot's of pictures

I don't always have time to write something thoughtful, and I'd like to document our day to day activities better. But, a picture is worth a thousand words right?

Gideon at the playground.
 Fearless duo
 Hanging out, waiting for blood.
 It took a lonnnng time this day, and Gideon was over it, lol.
 Vivian came to me and said "Mama, look I'm Mary!"
 Here we are waiting for Vivian to have one of her procedures.
 A Popsicle afterwards
 Decorating Christmas cookies at Grandmama's house
 Cookie decorating/Table of sugar :)
 Brothers do this kind of stuff.
 Olivia and her best friends, headed to their Sunday School Christmas party. Aren't they beautiful? Inside and out!
 Olivia's hair for the party. Fun!
 Olivia made this cheese Christmas tree all by herself for the party
 Abram being silly.
 And his alter ego.
 Christmas morning, looking at stockings.
 Ready to open presents.

 Hugging her cousin on Christmas.

 Abram passed out mid afternoon at Grandmama's house.

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