Friday, December 7, 2012

Picture Catch Up

I was going through my pictures and realized I hadn't shared some, all the way back from Fall Festival. So, lets play catch up :)

 My crew before fall festival.

 Way too in to character as a Jedi.
 Perfect Stitch
 Amelia Earhardt, She made those googles herself. So clever!
 Captain Hook
 No picture of Gideon because he had just woke up, and was not in the mood, lol!

My big kids, are so good to the little ones.

 At the zoo. I love that John-Michael was carrying Vivian and holding Gideon's hand. All on his own, I hadn't asked him to help. He is the best big brother.

This is at the farm. They grow sugar cane and grind it to extract the juice and then boil it down to be cane syrup. It has its own flavor, a little similar to molasses. My Daddy and brother are carrying on the tradition. Here my SIL is driving the tractor round and round to crank the press, while others feed the cane stalks in. The day before the men had cut the cane by hand with machetes!

 This is all the cane juice later that day in the big kettle to be cooked down.

My brother keeping an eye on the syrup.

I took my bunch and my niece and nephew for a ride around the farm on the golf cart. We wanted to cross the creek but I was a little scared on that tiny sort of kind of bridge, so I made them all get off and walk across. Here they are waiting for me.

 Olivia made her first yeast rolls, all by herself. They were delicious!
At the hospital for transfusion, Ikea came and donated stuffed animals to all the kids, (and their siblings). So nice!

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