Thursday, January 3, 2013

Article 5 Pickup

Our Article 5 was issued and picked up today in Ch*na! That means all the paperwork is approved, done, issued, reviewed etc... and we are just waiting for permission to travel. That could come in a few days or two weeks!

We are still fundraising for the last of the fees. I'm amazed at what God has done. We started at 42, 000 and we are down to 8-10,000 depending on airfare costs. In 8 months. That is all glory to God because we could never have done this on our own. We are blessed to have received a $500 grant this week from We are so thankful.
I'm not sure how its going to happen but, I know it is going to happen. Not just one less orphan but two!

So excited! I've got to get packing. And I have to clean out the kid's closets! That's a mountain of its own, lol.

Not long now!

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