Sunday, January 27, 2013

a few funnies

It takes me awhile to write out what we've been doing etc... and I've forgotten to include these funny stories, but thought I'd share them quickly before breakfast today.

1. The first morning here, in Zhengzhou, just a few hours before meeting Calvin, Michael's front tooth broke off! Now, not worry, he actually has a full upper denture, so he wasn't in pain or anything. (If you don't know why he has dentures just ask sometime, lol). So he looks like a complete hick. He ended up making a fake tooth out of my burt's bees lip balm that morning, lol. But it only lasted a little bit. Then when we stopped at the walmart, we asked for super glue, rofl. They didn't have that. We got some type of glue, and tried it that night, but as soon as he tried to eat, it fell out again. So, he's been making a fake tooth out this white milk candy, that looks kind of like a white tootsie roll, but again, it doesn't last long. I'm not sure what our guide thinks exactly, LOL. Michael has a good sense of humor about it, but won't let me take a picture!

2. It is cold here. No doubt, I mean there is snow on the ground etc....but it doesn't feel that cold. Now, usually I am a wimp about cold so I don't know? I think God must be helping me here. Anyway, we've just been wearing a long sleeve shirt, and jeans and our jacket, and we are fine. In fact, hot inside most places. Yesterday, in the grocery store I was full on sweating. Like sticky shirt sweating. Now, they keep kids really bundled up here. really bundled. So I've been keeping Calvin in fleece footie pj, with long sleeve shirts, and pants over that, with socks, and then his heavy winter jacket. Our guide reprimanded me yesterday and said I didn't have enough on him, and pointed out the fleece pjs under the other layers, and he said no, it's not enough. That he (the guide) had on 3 layers,himself. Then, he told me that people in China weren't like Americans, that they just eat a lot of vegetables etc, and so don't have extra body to keep them warm! Lol, I was like, did he just call us fat? HAHAHAHA.

3. Goes with the above thing. Our room is a toasty 80-82 degrees at all times. No outside window to open, we have big windows that look down into the lobby. No air to turn on, this time of year. Our guide keeps telling us to layer more, and as soon as we get alone in the room we are stripping down to our undies, lol. I'm pretty sure he would be really worried about it, and he means well, but we just can't take the heat!

Anyway, headed to breakfast now, and then the hospital again. Meet Georgia in a few hours! Pray!!!

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  1. Poor Hubby! That happened to my dad! He didn't think it was funny, but we were laughing our heads off. Glad everything is going so well! I was telling my hubby about the layers story and he thought it was funny that the quide thought we were warmer due to body fat! Let me tell you, I should have been hot today then, but it is freezing today here in Atlanta!