Sunday, January 27, 2013

Last day in Zhengzhou, to Jinan

Zhengzhou airport

checking in at home

first plane ride

Our check in
Outside Jinan airport

                                                                      We made it!
snow is so pretty!

Not feeling so well

our home for this week. Super nice.

a place just to blow dry my hair

bathroom pic, because Olivia asked to see

Hot pot, our last night in Zhengzhou,

despite my expression, it was wonderful.

So Friday night was our last night in Zhengzhou. We spent most of Friday, hanging out in the room. Just playing, and relaxing. I was able to skype with the kids for a long time, and took a nap too. We had a big breakfast at the buffet, so we snacked in the room for lunch, and by dinner knew we needed to venture out. We didn't see our guide this day, so we were on our own. She was picking up paperwork, and Calvin's passport etc.  She had given us directions to a hotpot restaurant and written down what to order in Mandarin for us. We took off walking and we found the place. It was busy, and lots of people. No English, so we whipped out our list. They were so kind to us, and soon we had the pot of soup, a plate of thin sliced beef, and a bowl of all sorts of greens, cabbage, mushrooms. We also had pumpkin pancakes, which are the little round things you see in the picture. All excellent. We headed back to the room and had a pretty good nights sleep. I'm thankful that Calvin has been a great sleeper so far. Saturday morning we packed up, and checked out around 11am. Our guide picked us up and took us the airport. The signs were mostly in Mandarin, and I'm so glad our guide was with us, because it would have been really hard to know which gate etc... We checked in and headed down to security, when we got there the agent scanned my boarding pass, and told me something about my bag, and I didn't understand, thankfully our guide had stayed to make sure we got through security, and she came and translated. They wanted us to go back up where we checked in and they wanted us to open one of our bags. Turns out they were concerned about my little travel aersol hairspray can. Once they checked it out, they let it go. Back to security, made it through and found our gate. Then waited 1.5 hours to board. Calvin had a meltdown during the wait, and we were thoroughly stared at the whole time. It's hard because during them, we just can't make him happy. It's like he just needs to vent, poor guy. He did good on the plane but hated the seatbelt and cried all through takeoff and landing. We were thankful it was only a 1 hour flight. When we landed we could see all the pretty snow. Our new guide met us, and whisked us out to the van. Our new hotel is super nice, and cushy. We feel like rockstars. Yay for upgrades. They actually apologized to us because they didn't have slippers in Calvin's size. The breakfast today was huge, I've never seen so many choices on a breakfast buffet. We were expecting to meet Georgia today, but the guide explained that it would be Monday morning around 11 am instead, because the orphanage staff person who brings her, could only come on Monday.  We were disappointed but it was probably for the best because this morning when he woke up Calvin was running a 102.5 fever. We called our guide and explained and he came and met us. He thought we could probably just go to the local Chinese pharmacy and we walked to one near the hotel. They had a doctor like person, who examined Calvin, and who would have recommended so natural Chinese meds, that would have been mixed for us there. They had an entire wall of little wooden drawers full of herbs etc.... A real apothecary. However, the man felt he was too sick for that, and suggested he need antibiotics. So our guide said we had to go to the hospital. Apparently, there is no in between step for health care here. So we hailed a taxi and off we went. We didn't take pictures at the hospital, as it felt too invasive and we didn't want to offend anyone, but it was quite the experience. Our guide checked us in on the first floor. We had to pay up front, and they gave us a little debit card to use at each place we went. We went in to a pediatric ward, and he was examined and they asked us lots of questions. Then they said he had to have a cbc done. So up to the second floor, where he had a finger stick done. They poked his finger and then handed me a q-tip to hold on it. No bandaid. We waited just a few minutes and then his labs printed out in the hall at a little printer. We took the print out, and went back down to the pediatric ward. The doctor looked at it, said he has bronchitis, and needs antibiotics, and that his veins were very little and that a shot in the behind would be easier. It all was just so different than anything we are used to.  I agreed, and they sent us into a room to wait. The nurse came in a few minutes later and indicated that I needed to bare his rear, and I did. Imagine my surprise, when it wasn't a shot at all but an enema! They put a little tube up in there, and injected the antibiotic liquid and then told be to keep him flat and hold his cheeks together for 15 minutes. He wasn't happy with the whole thing! They also gave us some traditional Chinese herbal medicine. It smells bad, and he acts like it tastes horrible, but he does seem to be doing better this evening. He ran a fever most of the day, but he cool now. He laid in the bed all day. Sleeping on and off, and eating very little today. This evening he did better, and ate some. Played a little. The doctor said he needed to come for 5 days. We and our guide think that might be overkill, but we will go back for another dose in the morning early before Georgia comes. We stopped at grocery store on the way back to the hotel, and bought some snacks, and water. So we could just eat lunch in the room, and let Calvin rest. It was packed and again so cool. Lots of things we recognize, like oreos, but totally different flavors. Lots of stuff I've never seen. They had a very big deli area, with lots of noodles,steamed buns and all sorts of pancake type things Still no pictures, as we were again sort of on a mission. We had some candied hawthorn berries on stick. Really good. We just ate at the club lounge tonight. It comes with the room, and  is plenty for dinner. We expect Georgia to come around 11am, so that will be about 10pm Sunday night for ya'll. We appreciate all your prayers, and kind comments, emails etc.... It hasn't been easy, but we are doing ok, and we know that God is with us. We feel the love from home, and it really helps too. Thank you all!


  1. I have so enjoyed reading your updates - it's amazing being able to keep us with your trip while it's happening!!! Praying that Calvin feels better soon and that Georgia's gotcha goes smoothly. Sending prayers for strength and peace for you and Michael!

  2. We're praying for Calvin to get better fast, and for all to go well with Georgia. Also love and prayers for you and Michael -- Russ & Shari Bishop.