Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 2 with friends in Jinan

Today started out the same, up, dressed, down to breakfast. Came back to the room, and played for awhile, then the kids napped. Agnes, and Brooke, our friends came and picked us up at 1:30pm, and we headed out. We had to walk for a bit, to hail a taxi. They were all full, or didn't stop. We finally got one and went to a park, with a winter festival. I actually got to go sledding! I've never done that before, and it was fun! I also made and threw a few snowball, just because I hadn't done that either :) Then we walked over a display of things made from ice, part of the Harbin, Inner Mongolia ice village. It was very cool. We walked further into the park and it was very beautiful. The parks here are very large. You can walk and walk. We found a little play are, with amusement park rides, including a big ferris wheel, but we were a little chicken, and just did the carousel with the kids.  There was a lake there, and it had tons of ice in it. Funny thing, is it is cold, but not miserable? I don't really understand it, I've felt colder, and more painful in Madison. Maybe its the warm coat, and boats. After that we went to a old shopping area, very beautiful old buildings, and had steamed buns. They had meat and ginger in them and were very good. We really liked the vinegar that was served with it. After that, we walked over to a shopping area. It was below ground, in an old air raid shelter! It was huge by our standards.  We took a taxi to another spring /park. Jinyu spring. It was very pretty and it is cool to see so many people hanging out in the parks in the evenings. We then headed to dinner at a Korean bbq  buffet. They put a grill with hot coals right in the center of the table, and had lots of thinly sliced meats and veggies to grill on it. Very good. Also, delicious peanut sauce, and lots of desserts. I gave both the kids icecream for the first time, and they both spit it out and acted like I'd tried to poison them. They aren't used to eating anything cold, lol. At this point the kids were tired, and we walked back to the hotel. We are so thankful for Agnes and Brooke taking the time and effort to show us around Jinan. We have had a great time with them. Kids went straight to bed. It was a very good day. Calvin is doing a little better, and actually finally wanted to get down and walk today. Progress. Georgia was kinda of whiny today. I think she is realizing we are sticking around, and is testing us a little :) Tomorrow we fly to Guangzhou, where we start the the final steps, so we can all come home!

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  1. Another amazing day! LOL at the winter festival - I'm so glad you're not freezing - I'm cold just looking at the pictures ;)