Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Calvin Day

We woke up early today, at about 4:30. We have adjusted to the 13 hour time difference pretty well
but still not quite on  normal China time.  We got up and took showers, gathered paperwork and then headed down to breakfast. The breakfast buffets here in China are pretty amazing. Lots of Chinese dishes, stirfries, and steamed dumplings, congee, and made to order noodles. Eggs boiled in tea, and all sorts of fruit. Also, eggs cooked to order, pancakes, waffles, and baked beans! It was all very good,and then we headed back up to room to check last minute stuff before meeting our guide in the lobby. We left at ten to head to the Civil Affairs office. It took about 20 mins to get there, and the traffic and driving is like nothing you have ever seen. Picture six lanes of traffic, bumper to bumper, with weaving in and out within inches of each other, horns blaring, and no seat belts. I seriously just have to not look, and still caught my breath several times! We arrived at the Civil Affairs office, and Calvin hadn't arrived yet. The guide started the paperwork, and then we waited. After about 20 minutes, two nannies arrived with Calvin. He was scared, and not excited to see us at all. He screamed and cried on and off for the entire time, almost a hour. He didn't seem swayed by any of our treats, and just wanted to leave. He cried and kept pointing to the door, over and over. When we finally were able to leave, he seemed to calm until he realized he was going with us in our van, and his nanny left. He cried and cried in the van, alternately pushing me away, and afraid to let me go. He finally stopped crying, but was very quiet, and any change, (even just getting out of the van) would start the tears again. We made a brief stop at wal-mart. It is so interesting, I wish we had taken pictures. Hopefully, another day, but we were just trying to get the few things we needed and to get out of there. Calvin was to scared to sit in the buggy, and while he will take food from Michael, and play with toys with him, he didn't him to carry him in there, and he isn't light. I had to take my jacket off in there because I was getting so hot carrying him around. Still the three story walmart with all sorts of interesting foods, and stuff is fascinating. I would so like share it with you all.
Our guide dropped us back  at our room, and we are on our own till tomorrow morning when we have a very long day. Several official appointments, the adoption will be finalized and we have to drive to his home town, two hours away to apply for his passport. Back in the room, he finally sat on the couch and played with a few toys, and I made some noodles with boiling water from the hot pot. He ate really well. Fed himself, and seems to be a lefty. After seconds of noodles, he warmed up quite a bit, almost some smiles and talking alot.  His nanny told us he usually naps between 1230 and 2, and it was getting way past that, so I took him up to our bedroom, and laid down with him, and he wasn't impressed with my idea for a nap, but settled down, and eventually fell asleep for a little while. When he first woke up, he was kind of upset again for a bit, but warmed up faster this time. He doesn't like change. I'm sure everything is so upside down for him right now, but he gets upset, if Michael and I don't sit in exact same chair every time. Or if you try to touch his stuff. Or if you try to take off any of his clothes. He is still wearing his coat inside, because he was so upset when I took it off. All normal stuff at this stage. We just keep trying to be consistent and kind. He's coming along already. This evening he is walking around the sitting area, and talking up a storm. Still easily upset but cute as a button. I think we will go out and try to find something easy for dinner? And come back and try a bath, and early bed.An amazing day, this precious little soul is ours, and we are blessed. Keep praying for the transition, and for his heart to open up and trust us, and for patience for us as we work to earn his trust.


  1. What an amazing day! I am in tears of joy reading & looking @ all the great pictures. My heart cries out for you you said, Calvin is coming along & the 2 of you as parents are so strong & amazing! He looks precious....he doesn't know yet how blessed he is, but we are praying for his heart to be open to you both. Love you all, Cheri, Paul & 4 cousins who are more excited than words!

  2. He is so beautiful! I'm so glad you are blogging this experience - It's just amazing being there with all of you.

    Continued prayers for you and Calvin!

  3. Oh sweet Calvin! Praying for peace in is frightened little heart!!! So very happy for your family!!! Happy Calvin Day indeed!!!