Tuesday, January 22, 2013

We made it!

Walking to the market last night. All the scooters and bikes ride on the sidewalk, and you have to really watch or get hit!

Notice the phone wires etc going through the tree! It was that way all the way down the street, from tree to tree.

There was some discrepancy with our reservation but after some discussion, and help from the manager, we were upgraded to a two story suite!

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View in the HongKong airport.

Skyping with the kids, in the airport Hong Kong.

I love this noodle chain, and was happy to see this sign when we landed!
I have a draft post about today, and our thoughts and feelings but I can't seem to cut and paste it here. And I'm too tired to fight with it so instead I'll just post a few pictures. We get Calvin in the morning at 10 so thats 9pm Tuesday night there for ya'll. Please keep praying!

Updated to add what I wrote in Hong Kong,

I can’t believe we are here. Really. We both feel a bit like, “How did this happen?” Which is crazy because no one has a surprise adoption. No, instead there a thousand steps, mostly uphill. Many intentional decisions. Sacrifices. Hope. Prayers.
And yet, it all feels very surreal. In part because the last few steps for us went lighting fast. We knew it might, but the reality was so much more crazy, and impossible to prepare for. Stressful. It also feels kind of dream like because so far it has mirrored our trip to bring Vivian home. Same connections, and airports. It is just hard to believe that this is really happening to us, for our family again, and  tomorrow, we will finally meet our son! There were a number of cute Asian children on the flight, and we both kept watching them, wondering if Calvin is that size, or if Georgia will sing the same songs……. Can’t wait to scoop them up.
We are so excited for tomorrow, and yet very mindful of the fact that his whole world, as difficult as it might be, is about to change. While we expected to be elated, and relieved to finally have him, he will likely be extremely frightened, sad, confused. The orphanage is all he has ever known.  We also know that it will be work to become knit together as a family. So many emotions!
Through all the emotions, the joy and fears, expectations, and excitement, we are so blessed.  God asks hard things of us sometimes, but when we step out of our will and into his, the blessings are so much more than we could ever even imagine, despite the sacrifices. 
Our travel here has been smooth, but oh so long. We left our house at 3pm on Sunday afternoon. We left Orlando at 6:45 and arrived in NYC around 9. Then waited for our flight to Hong Kong. It left at 12:50 and almost 16! Hours later landed in Hong Kong. We’ve had a 6 hour layover, and it is mid morning here, but feels like night time there at home. We’ve also been up for over 24 hours at this point.  I can’t wait to get to  Zhengzhou and sleep!  The food was good on the flight, and they had snacks. I had the best macadamia nut cookie. We had hot and sour pork and noodles, and bbq pork buns for breakfast. It was excellent.
The views here around the Hong Kong airport are lovely.  We spent a day and a half here on the way to get Vivian, and it’s a great city.  Wish we could have seen more of it today, but we’ve got a little boy and girl waiting on us, so on to Zhengzhou we go. I think I need to go in search of coffee. Those of you who know me well, know I don’t really drink it, but it’s that or see if I can find a Dr. Pepper. I’m in need of some serious caffeine. We need to to stay awake the rest of the day so we can try to switch over to the time here. So while my body feels like it is 11pm and I’ve got to convince it, that it is really just almost lunch time. I’ll try to write a little more when we get to the hotel this evening. And post  pictures too!
We feel all the prayers, and love, and support, and it means the world to us. Truly. The likes, and comments from home are so uplifting.  So thank you!


  1. Sending my prayers your way! So excited for your family. Just looked at the clock and in just one hour you will be getting Calvin. Good Luck!

  2. So excited for you! It's almost Calvin time! Congrats!