Monday, January 28, 2013

Georgia Day!

What an amazing but long day! Lets see, we started out with breakfast here at the hotel again. Calvin seemed to be feeling a little better, but still sounds terrible with his cough. We met our guide in the lobby at 830 and then, headed back to the same hospital as yesterday. Calvin got checked out briefly, and then another medicine enema. Then back to the hotel. The traffic is insane and it took a while. We got back to the room and had a little while in our room before our guide called and said they were here with Georgia. A few minutes later, there was a knock at the door and I opened it and there she was. She hesitated at first, and didn't want to come in, but her orphanage worker showed her on her little pillow with our picture and said Mama. Then, she came in . We sat down on the floor and played a little. She seemed happy, and played with Calvin and Michael, and I talked to the orphanage worker and guide and signed a few papers. Then our guide said they would leave, but that we needed to meet them downstairs in 45 minutes to go do all the official appointments. Normally, they would be done the day after you meet your child, but the orphanage representative has to be there as well, and he could only be there this one day. So, we had to do everything all in one day. This was hard because 1. we just met this little girl, and 2. its nap time for Calvin, who at best isn't too happy most of the time still, and at worst is screaming and kicking etc... for long periods of time :(

breakfast buffet. That is one side, there are 8 total. pretty much anything you can think of to eat.

this is a little tea shop in the hotel

Beautiful gate of an old theater.

Calvin's Chinese herbal medicine

View into the tea area, below our room.

Candied hawthorn berries. Really good!

Notice the flavor. They were spicy but good. John-Michael I will try to bring you some home.

Georgia, when she first got into the room, with the orphanage worker. Yes, she came with that gun, lol.

self portrait with Daddy

Adorable! See what I mean about bundled up? She's like the boy in the Christmas Story, when he can' t move.

our room comes with one free item for laundry each day. This his how they brought Michael's shirt back. Nice, huh? I hope he doesn't get use to this!

Doing paperwork and asking questions.


After they left, and she is letting Daddy comfort her.

later, at the Civil Affairs office, where the adoption was finalized.

The guide and the orphanage worker quietly left, and as soon as the door shut, Georgia whipped around and freaked out! Screaming, and trying to open the door. I had to block the door and was trying to calm her, and say Mama and Baba(Daddy) love you, it's ok, etc....but she was so frightened. Not that I blame her. After a few minutes, she turned around and flung herself into Michael's arms, saying Baba, and something else in Mandarin. She let him hold her, and cried for the next 45 minutes. She wouldn't eat anything we offered. So then we grabbed all the paperwork, and jackets, and backpack, and both kids and headed down to the lobby. She quietly settled down as we left, and  seemed ok, seeing the orphanage worker. First stop was at a photography shop where we had a family picture done for the adoption decree, and passport pictures for her. It took awhile. Then, back in the van and drove to the Civil Affairs office where we have a brief interview, sign paperwork and the adoption is finalized. It's at this point I realize that in the chaos of our room, and leaving, that I forgot to bring the gifts. Usually, families bring a simple gift for the officials, and orphanage worker, etc... and I forgot them in the room. To far to go back, so had to do without. It's a formality, and didn't stop anything, but I felt awkward. Especially, when this official gave US a gift. They don't always, and I didn't have anything to reciprocate. By this point, Georgia seemed pretty happy, and was laughing and playing with Michael. She will smile at me, but doesn't want me to try to hold her. Then back in the van and drive over 30 minutes to the police station to apply for her passport. At his point, Calvin had had it, and proceeded to have a huge meltdown that lasted the entire way there. I may have shed a few tears myself at this point. It's just hard to have this little person that you are trying so hard for just reject and fight you over and over, and for so long. I know its hard for him. It's just emotionally draining. We finally got to the police station, and waited for paperwork on the first floor, and then had to go to the second floor to submit it, show our passports etc... Then we started driving back, and the traffic was the worst I've seen. It took well over an hour to get to our last stop, the notary office, where we had to have our adoption decree notarized. During this drive, both kids started wailing, and it lasted a long, long time :( We dragged our worse for the wear selves into the notary office, and thankfully it only took about 15 minutes. Then, back into the van. It took another 30+ minutes to get back to the hotel, and included a stop at the bank for our guide. During which, Georgia told us she had to go potty, and right away! So we are alone in the van, with our non-English speaking driver, and we don't know what to do, where a bathroom might be? Finally, Michael sees our guide up by the bank and goes and explains. Our guide tells him to just let her squat and go on the sidewalk, that it's very common here, and no big deal. So, Michael takes her over by a tree on the sidewalk and helps her go, lol! Shortly, after that we made it back to the hotel. We hadn't had lunch because we met Georgia right before lunch, and she was so upset. Both kids were exhausted, and I didn't think Calvin could hold it together in a restaurant, so we ended up feeding them noodles right away in the room, and ordering in for us. We ordered stirfried veggies, baby bok choy, very good, and pork with chili and pancakes. It was sliced pork with little thin pancakes to wrap the meat in, but we thought it would be in a spicy chili sauce. Lol, it came with a ton of hot thai peppers in it. Good flavor, but even Michael couldn't eat them all. We were able to skype with the kids, and they were so excited to see them both. I'm so thankful for the skype because I miss my kids something terrible. I'm pretty much ready to come home now. Unfortunately, we still have 10 days! We have to wait for passports to be issued, and have the kids medical exams, and the American consulate appointment, and then have their immigration visa's issued. So, a bit to go. We are here in Jinan till Friday, and then fly to Guangzhou, where we will be till we head home. Calvin went to bed easy. Georgia got a little sad at bedtime. I'm sure she was feeling homesick, unsure, and just sad, missing the familiar. Michael was able to use a translating app on his phone to explain it was time for bed, and she allowed him to undress her, which was a big deal because earlier in the day, she wouldn't even take her coat off. Then she let me hlep give her a little sponge bath and Michael put her pj's on. We had a little bed area for her, next to ours, but she cried when we laid her down, so she got in bed with us, next to Michael. She did let me kiss her goodnight, and she slept all night, only waking up briefly once.  She was a little unsure at first this morning, but let Michael bathe her, and then I dressed her and did her hair. We went to breakfast and she did great.  Then we headed back to the hospital for another round of meds for Calvin. Back to the room for some quiet play time. It's really cold today, and very overcast, and misty. Around 30 degrees? So we thought it would be best not to push any touring on the kids. Georgia needs some time still, and Calvin needs rest. I'm starting to think he may have been a bit spoiled. Boys very often are here in China, and while he lacked much at the orphanage, it doesn't seem like he was told no very often. He very much wants his way, all the time, and so we've already had a couple of fits just this morning :) It's almost lunch time now, and they are both napping. We will probably head out to walk around the indoor shopping center next door, and find some lunch after they wake up. So hoping that things are smooth the rest of today. Please continue to pray for Calvin's health, he seems much better, and for our bonding with children. Also, for us to have strength to make it the last days of the trip. We really enjoy China, but we are ready to be home with all our children. I just miss them so much!


  1. Wow, what a day! Praying for you and your little ones.

  2. Georgia is super cute! Sorry you had a crazy day yesterday! I hope today will go much better. On the bright side you got everything done in one day giving you time to rest! Hope the continuing days go better! Thanks for sharing your story.